Back PainIt is estimated that 70 to 80 percent of people will experience some type of back pain during their lives. Because that number is so high, doctors spend a considerable amount of time and resources developing treatments and solutions for back pain.

Traditional Lumbar Fusion

For patients with lower back pain, traditional lumbar fusion surgery has been popular over the years. While it can help many people find relief from their pain, results vary widely. Some believe it prevents normal motion of the spine, while others believe it is too invasive. Either way, lumbar fusion surgery is not for everyone.

Lumbar Disc Replacement

In recent years, lumbar disc replacement has surfaced as an alternative treatment option for those suffering from lower back pain. The surgery is performed through an incision in the abdomen, and doctors replace damaged discs with new artificial discs.

Pain Relief

Lumbar disc replacement has been shown to significantly reduce pain in many patients within weeks or months following surgery. Because there is no bone healing required, most patients can stand and walk by the first day following surgery.

If you believe lumbar disc replacement could be the treatment option you have been looking for, talk with your doctor today and find out whether you qualify.