Disc ReplacementLower back pain can be frustrating and debilitating. If you feel like you have tried every option there is to no avail, maybe it’s time to consider lumbar disc replacement.

Who is a Candidate?

While it is one of the most effective solutions for lower back pain, lumbar disc replacement is not for everyone. However, it may be recommended if:

  • You have not had any previous spinal surgeries.
  • The source of your pain comes from 1 or 2 specific discs.
  • You have no joint disease or nerve compression.
  • You are not excessively overweight.
  • You don’t have scoliosis or other spinal deformity.

The Lumbar Disc Replacement Procedure

Lumbar disc replacement is usually performed by multiple doctors. The procedure takes place by making an incision in the abdomen, removing the damaged disc(s), and replacing them with new artificial disc(s). While the procedure requires no bone healing, recovery can take a few weeks.

After Surgery

After the surgery, patients can usually expect significant improvement of pain within weeks or months. While results vary, many patients report significant improvement, but not always total elimination of pain.

If lumbar disc replacement sounds like it could be a solution to your pain, talk with your doctor and find out more.