OptionsWhile it may not bring you any comfort to hear, back pain is actually very common. Lower back pain in particular is the single leading cause of disability in the world. Those are striking facts, and they seem to point to a larger underlying cause. While doctors study ways to prevent back pain altogether, it is helpful to know you have options for pain relief.

Exercise and Medication

If you haven’t already tried a treatment plan consisting of regular exercise and medication, you will want to give it a shot before pursuing surgery. Sometimes simple exercise therapy can be enough to relieve pressure and improve mobility. Other times, a combination of exercise with pain blocking medication can make a difference.

Lumbar Disc Replacement

In situations where exercise and medication do not provide any significant relief, lumbar disc replacement may be an option to consider. While it is much more invasive than the previously mentioned treatment options, it can provide long-lasting relief for back pain related to damaged or deteriorated discs.

If you believe lumbar disc replacement could be an option for your pain, talk with a medical specialist to determine the benefits, risks, and side effects related to the procedure.