Lower Back PainWhen doctors see patients suffering from lower back pain, they typically proceed with caution. Instead of jumping straight to surgery, it is usually smart to think about the least invasive options available. Here are a few pain management options you have when experiencing discomfort:

Exercise Therapy

For dull pain that won’t go away, exercise may be the missing ingredient. The spine is a complex part of the body and requires room to move. If muscles, tissues, and nerves are too compressed, it becomes difficult to move and pain can ensue. Regular exercise can help relieve pressure, increase range of motion, and reduce pain.


Many doctors will prescribe medication to see if it has any effect on the pain. If it does, it usually signals that the pain can be dealt with and won’t require surgery. In other cases, it may signal the need for surgical intervention.


If exercise and medication don’t significantly reduce pain, surgery may be pursued as the last option. For lower back pain, one of the most effective surgeries is lumbar disc replacement. This surgery works by replacing damaged or deteriorated discs with new artificial discs.

If you are seeking pain management, make sure you are looking in all the right places. If you believe lumbar disc replacement is right for you, talk with your doctor today.