Lumbar Disc ReplacementMost people undergo lumbar disc replacement surgery with the hopes of reducing pain, increasing mobility, and improving overall quality of life. To regain your preferred lifestyle after surgery, it is important to properly exercise. You should listen to your doctor carefully and follow all advice regarding the safest and most helpful exercises.

What Not to Do

After lumbar disc replacement, there are certain activities in which you should not participate. These include hyper-extension activities and jarring activities. You want to improve mobility without risking damage to the surgical site.

What You Should Do

Most doctors will suggest implementing basic exercises during the first few weeks following surgery. These include regular walking, stretching, and low-pressure range of motion exercises. You may be instructed to meet with a physical therapist who will show you how to do mild movements for your midsection. Gentle trunk twists are often suggested. With proper adherence to rules, you can expect to return to most activities after you reach a full recovery.

Lumbar disc replacement is usually a highly-effective treatment option for lower back pain, but patients must pay attention to how they exercise after surgery. Listen to your doctor and be realistic about what you can and cannot do.