Treatment OptionsDid you know back pain is the second most common reason for visits to the doctor? On top of that, lower back pain is the leading cause of disability in the entire world. In many cases, this pain goes untreated and worsens instead of improving. Don’t let your pain go untreated; instead, consider the variety of treatment options you have at your disposal.

Treatment Tier 1: Lifestyle Change

The first treatment option consists of regular exercise and simple lifestyle changes. Some pain results from a lack of mobility and minor inflammation. By regularly exercising, you can improve your spinal mobility, reduce inflammation, and release pain-relieving endorphins in your body. By changing your diet, you can eliminate foods that cause inflammation in your body.

Treatment Tier 2: Medication

When lifestyle changes aren’t enough, medication may be required. Doctors typically recommend NSAIDs or prescription strength pain relievers. If these prove useful, you may be able to use them as necessary.

Treatment Tier 3: Surgery

As a last option, surgery may be considered. For lower back pain, lumbar disc replacement is becoming the preferred choice for doctors and patients alike. It is relatively simple, safe, and effective. Before choosing surgery, make sure you discuss all other options and alternatives with your doctor.